Deb Blomberg-Mann

Fused Glass and Florida Findings Artist

About the artist:  

I am retired and living in the Big Bend area of North Florida with my husband Bart.  I love to travel, camp, kayak, snorkel, scallop, search the water and shoreline of the Keys. I have also been know to dumpster dive for old lobster trap wood. I started water color painting ten years ago when a friend said "anyone can do it". I was skeptical since I can't draw a stick figure.  She mentally gave me permission and a challenge to prove her wrong.  She was right , anyone can paint, not like a master but it was fun, creative and mine.   So my art journey began.  I recycle palm fronds, coconuts and trap wood to create unique and colorful works of art.   Relatively new to glass fusing I began my love of glass many years ago with a stained glass class. In February, 2020 I purchased a large kiln (aka Pavarotti) and the shards of glass have been flying all over my studio "Love Shack" since.  I have taken this time of self distancing to spend almost every day creating glass art.  Never enough hours in the day I don't get bored with the endless creative  possibilities.

Thank you for taking your time to view my website and I hope you will return often to see new items.